In theoretical terms technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.  Nevertheless the way technology is influencing masses now doesn’t limit it to the industrial use only. It wouldn’t be wrong if we call mobile technology one of the most influential technological advancements till date.

Not long ago, there were a lot of difficult things e.g. you are walking on the road and are lost, you are standing in the middle of the city and hungry but don’t know any restaurant nearby, you want to browse an important thing but can’t reach your laptop/Desktop immediately, and the list goes on. With the prevalence of mobile phones now people carry the whole world quite literally in their hands. The things that were considered difficult are now on ones finger tips.

As per recent research Mobile phone users are rapidly switching over to smartphones as devices become more affordable and 3G and 4G networks advance.

This is not it, through the coming years technology will continue to change the pace of our daily lives. The things seemed impossible and too much scientific once are now actually part of our lives. Take an example of cloud storage, through this technology we can store our data on clouds. As technology brings a lot of ease, comfort and benefits, there are some security concerns as well. By the way, have you checked the recent news about celebrity photo leak
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In a nut shell technology brings the facilities and opportunities that are beyond our imagination. You can find the best meal deals lying down on the comfy couch or can raise funds for deserving ones through mobile technology. We are all accepting these changes generously and nearly everything about our daily lives has been modified for good. We expect a more advanced and better world in coming years!

Written by: Unosha Shahid

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