You stretch those facial muscles and there you go… you’ve already made the other person comfortable.

A smile works wonders, it’s not just working your facial muscles, its way more than that. It’s a gesture that brings your goodness from within on to your face and tells how good you are inside.

The same rule applies when it comes down to treating your clients.

There’s a difference between Performance and Behavior. You could be the most efficient Client  Relationship Manager but if you do not know how to make your client feel comfortable then eventually you’re going to lose them. And the clients are the most prized assets a business has; your business won’t go far if it’s not fueled with the client energy. Just as we value interpersonal relationships in our daily lives, we’ve got to make our clients feel special too, that we care for them, that they’re not merely number crunching statistics that reflect on our financial documents.

Let’s face it; our clients are actually our business, so it’s imperative that we nurture a good rapport  with them. We cultivate a good affiliation with them and we reap the rewards. The more you maintain  with them the more your business thrives, it’s actually that simple. Preserving the correlation do not  just work in your favor in terms of referrals and future business but also it makes the time spent on one project more enjoyable and satisfying that in turn makes the client come back laden with good memories.

Lasting and trusted relationships do not just stand on good business practices; it’s the human touch that  makes it stand out. And you can only do that if you actually make an effort to understand your client  well, and to understand them you’ve got to make sure that you’re compromising on things that might go contrary towards a personality clash. Let’s be honest, they are the people who provide you with work!

Mutual trust and respect are two important pillars on which the building of relationship stands. Working together as people rather than business contacts is essential. Communicating openly and honestly can quickly turn interactions into something more personal. There are definite important truths which need to be underpinned. It’s an untoward reality of life that we will all endure at the rage of a dreadful client at some point, but using the fundamentals, you can build a client relationship that makes the most of your abilities.

Written By : U Shahid.


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