Despite the entire buzz created for Google Plus, many businesses are still ignoring it. They are only focusing on other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Nonetheless, as a matter of fact 72 out of world’s 100 largest brands have their existence on Google Plus; they have a page running on this social site too. Think for a moment that who invented Google Plus? Yes, Google! – The most powerful search engine in the whole wide world. So is it wise to ignore Google Plus for your business? Though it doesn’t bring too much traffic like other social networking sites do, Google Plus has some really good benefits for your business that are hard to ignore.

Fast growth

The famous British-American technology and social media news website Mashable reports about Google Plus that people and brands are now spending more time on the website than they had ever before. And this trend seems to grow continuously. It’s proven that time spent on the website is directly proportional to the traffic coming to the website.

Google Plus is actually active

Are you one of those who think Google Plus is not active? You’re wrong.  Here’s some info for you…

• Google Plus has 135 Million active users

• Out of 135 Million, 60% users log on to their Google Plus account each day

• A gigantic number of 500 Million have active Google Plus accounts.

Google Plus helps you rank high

Your Google Plus account has a power of +1. Your shares or +1s of Google Plus posts works as recommendations. These recommendations affects what logged in users find in the Google SERPs (Search engine results page

Google plus posts are featured

Whatever you post on Google plus is indexed quickly in to Google’s search results. There is a possibility that people in your network will notice your shared content in their search results. To increase the effectiveness of your brand, embrace mediums that work to strengthen your over all image.

By: Unosha Shahid

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