Imagine yourself as a shopkeeper in a well-known shopping mall. How would you like if people don’t enter your shop and instead do only window shopping? You’ll tolerate it once, twice or may be thrice but eventually you’ll think about what could be going wrong? Yes, that’s the point! Do you post on your social networks daily and don’t get any response from your followers and fans? If not then you should be asking yourself ‘What’s going wrong?’

It’s said that ‘Content is King’, and it really is. Nevertheless you need to identify what kind of content is playing the role of the king for you. It’s imperative to realize what your target audience, visitors, fans and followers want you to share. Formerly, the competition was not tough on social platforms but now there’s too much information available to your visitors. There’s a reason why you see every other blog and person talking about ‘Inbound marketing’. It’s the quality of your content and information that sets you apart from others and people love to like and share what you post on your social media platforms. The only way to stay on top of digital/social mediums is sharing interactive and useful content. If you don’t do it then who cares about why your organization is working so hard to grab the attention of its market on digital platforms.

There are some clear things you need to focus upon such as Videos, photos, personalized posts, interactive and engaging content. Visuals are very much appreciated by the people than a heap of words. Videos and photographs are becoming more popular among millions of people out there. Visual content has more scope of going viral as well… this is what you need, right? Promotion, positive word of mouth and lots of brand advocates – for free!

There are many smart organizations (may be some of your competitors as well) that have realized the need of personalized, moving and other visual content and assimilating them into their marketing activities and strategies. All in all, almost every social media platform and its traffic simply love visual content. These social media platforms require marketers to be more specific according to the nature of that very platform, and there’s nothing wrong in being ‘nichey’. You can modify your content and it’s ready to go viral on different platforms.

In 2013, some marketing concepts slowly made their place but now in 2014 and on-wards these concepts will engulf the digital marketing world. Being prepared for the changes, including the demand of visual content, will make organizations embrace the transition easily. You will ultimately follow the trend that’s coming to you really fast, isn’t it better if you start embracing the change right now?

Written by: Unosha Shahid

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