When it comes down to the concept of ‘marketing’ in today’s world, there are two schools of thought. One thinks marketing rules have totally altered and marketing has evolved with a new soul. While the other advocates that it’s just the tools that are different, marketing roots are still the same.

I’ve had conversations about this with other marketers and I personally believe that the core of marketing is very much in its original place, it has its old spirit, but yes now there are many tools and mediums that are yet to be deciphered. The message and essence of conventional marketing is very much in fad and won’t fade away. Change is not in the soul but in the way the message gets to the people.

The world is debating about the theories of marketing but there are still a huge number of organizations that are not serious about the modern marketing activities. When I said the tools have changed it means the thinking pattern of your customers has also evolved. Now they use Mobile phones instead of landlines, they prefer watching online videos more than the Television; yes they do visit shops but virtually! So, what are you waiting for? It’s the time when I ask my phone about the best Chinese restaurant to finding out about my exact location, and it answers it accurately. Technology has taken over the conventional mediums. So, won’t you be the one in the league? There are few things you got to do and we mentioning them below, you need to include these things in your to-do list immediately.

Motivate & groom your marketing team

How many marketing conferences, workshops and training sessions you or your marketing executives can attend to keep up? You need to motivate your marketing team to learn and research about new and upcoming trends and mediums. You need to be your own curator; you need to decide what’s important to achieve your marketing and business goals. Do you know how your customers, sitting on the other end, using Facebook? Do you know how you can optimize the returns of your business using Pinterest and twitter? If yes, good! If no, learn and implement the best and cutting edge activities.

Don’t only focus on words

Quality content includes images and video content too. Make videos, announce your achievements, engage your audience through it. People like visuals more than words. You can easily ‘wow’ your audience by simply adding some quality and inbound content.

Accommodate Transparency

The more your business is open to your customers the more they will like you. Today, everything and everyone is social, be social!

Spend some of your marketing budget to train people

Train, train and train! Make your in-house resources competent to work in a new marketing environment. It’s as important as investing on other marketing activities.

Your consumers are no more passive

Yes, because they are active now. They won’t dial your number to be placed on hold for a long time. They want quick answers to their problems on Facebook and Twitter. If you’d ignore them, there are many others to give them attention and solve their problems.

You must have something extra ordinary (unique selling proposition). Use adequate mediums to tell people about it. Be more meaningful; create better experience for millions of potential customers out there. Inject the right content to right people at the right time… through the right medium!

Written by: Unosha Shahid  

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