Leelas IrfanIt’s been a while since I did one of these. But i guess it’s a good thing when you don’t get time to blog when work is so busy. The new year started with a bang for Solsnet. Our clients and work have kept us busy, having said that networking is my favorite part of the job.

The biggest one yet was Jeniffer Beale’s Business Connects networking event at the Old Mill in Downtown Toronto.

Lets start with the venue. Breath taking! I have been to Old Mill several times but the way it looked that night was marvelous. What a fantastic choice to hold a huge networking event in. The turnout was alright this time, seminars were being held all over the place. I attended the one held by Constant contact on Social Media. Being a social media person myself, I have to say the lady  ( I forget her name, forgive me) was fantastic, material they used not so much. I have heard  that everywhere, every seminar they have held. I wanted to scream talk about content please.

The food was excellent as always, having said that my experience with networking has been a hit and miss. First, I’d like it to be more focused. I mean the guest list should be targeted. People throwing huge events sometimes forget it’s not about the number of people that show up but what kind of people show up. Know your audience comes to mind. Personally i would have liked to see less home based/ basement  business and more medium sized business show up.

Meeting people you already  know is wonderful, but when a PR company organizes an event, they must ask themselves what are most people going to get from this?. For me, unfortunately there was not much. I felt people, businesses and in general the atmosphere was scattered. I could not find a flow for myself to network around food just because everyone was eating and not really in the mood to listen or be heard.

I love networking, it is truly the best part of my job. I love meeting people and sharing ideas and a few laughs but i am there to promote our business and sometimes that gets lost in translation.

A few things I would like to see happen are:

  • Have a Clear Purpose. Know the purpose of your networking event, and think of it from the angle of everyone involved.
  • Set the Scope. By scope, I mean size and industry.
  • Facilitate Mingling. The key to any successful event is mingling throughout the group.
  • Target the Market. Depending on your RVSP’s.

What did you think? Leave your comments below.

Leelas Irfan.

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