Social Media is the most important recent development in the area of marketing. Every company, big or small, has an account on one or other social media platform. But many of them are still confused about the core of social media. There are many myths related to social media and today we are talking about some of them. Check out…

Blogging and article writing is a waste of time:

Blogging is one the important tool of social media. Many organizations think it as a fashion and waste of time. In actual, blogs represent your company as a mature organization, so become the voice of your brand, increase your visibility on web, so on and so forth…

Social Media is not a replacement of conventional networking:

Social media can work as a medium to support your conventional networking methods but can’t replace them.

I should post on weekdays, weekends are so slow:

Weekdays are too busy according to the information flow, the information you share can get lost in it. Try to share and post the most important information on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays (that’s what data and research says)

Social Media is a piece of cake:

No, it requires your effort, time, money, dedication and sincerity. It could be simple if it were only about conversation but it is about making relationship with the customers.

Social Media is only a marketing tool for company:

Do you think social media is only a marketing medium for your brand? If yes, then you are simply wrong. Social media can be used for customer service, product development, recruiting, human resources, internal relations, market validation, etc.

Anyone can handle Social Media:

Social media is designed for the use of masses but it is most agile field. If you are expecting sales, PR and promotion from it then you must trust some experienced guys who know its dynamics.

Social Media is a magic:

No, it’s not! It can’t fix the broken image of your brand. It may help but you should resolve the problems from the back-ends first and then reflect on the social platforms that you do care about customers’ problems.

We can buy likes any time:

When someone buys likes or followers, these are actually false or ghost account. It can’t contribute to the good for company. These are not organic likes. If you want to achieve something from your social media accounts only go for organic likes and followers.

Written by:
Unosha Naveed

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