World renowned research firm Nielson Norman Group asked the participants of one of their surveys as to how they’d like to receive company updates. An overwhelming 90% of them replied that they’d prefer newsletters instead of Social Media.

Should you noy want to take our word for it, try considering these reasons:


    1. Make your customers aware of what you do.
      With a newsletter it’s extremely easy to communicate with your customers on a rather personal more individual level. It helps getting out information about your business on a more personal level as newsletters are opted for by the people in contrast of navigating to something that is hidden behind URLs.


    1. It helps you position your brand more effectively.
      If there were one tool that was to distinguish between two rivaling businesses it would be their newsletters. Newsletters not only have their own personalities but in fact say a lot about the personality of the company they represent, hence, positioning the brand in the customer’s mind.


    1. Constant connection with your current clientele.
      How would your current customers know if you’re ushering in a new product or a new service? Of course you have social media. But social doesn’t have that special privilege and the kind of access that your newsletter enjoys i.e. the access directly in to the inbox of your current clientele.


    1. Educate your customers; let them in on industry news.
      The more information your customers get from receiving your newsletter the more they’ll appreciate receiving it. And they’d want to receive it more often since they know that it’ll either educate them on something new or they’ll be enlightened about something that they already had little knowledge of.


    1. The ‘WOM’ Factor, Word of Mouth.
      On average, a good newsletter is shared by at least three individuals, and even more so when it goes viral if available online. It helps generate that all important Word of Mouth and often seen increase in sales should the content appeals to the new subscribers.


    1. Beef up that Rolodex.
      The more people subscribe to your newsletter the more fat that Rolodex gets and that is an immensely indispensable asset to any organization: MORE NEW LEADS! A database of constantly updating new customers thanks to the influx generated by a well executed newsletter.


    1. You are the experts!
      Yes, if you do get the content of your newsletters right, your readers do wait for its next issue and you’re seen as an entity that stays in the know and updated on the current trends and fads.



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