You came in this world many years ago and you’ve been taken into care by your parents and loved ones. Did you survive without eating, drinking and other life saving stuff? Do you think just coming into being was enough for you to stay alive and you automatically grew up as a successful person? No! It required a lot of effort. From the very first day of your feed to the last day of your edification, from your character development to the way you should behave, everything contributed for what you are today then how can you leave your brand alone to develop, grow and maintain itself. Your brand is a living thing, yes, it breathes. The combination of your capital and efforts you put in to make its identity, works as the oxygen for your brand.

You never leave your office dirty, you always keep your working desk clean, and you manage the décor and interior of your office premise. Similarly, the most elementary aspect for the development of your brand is not something you can’t understand. It is your time, care and consistent behavior. Have a look at some simple things you should do well to get the best brand identity.

• First thing you require is a good logo. If you keep anything as your logo that never made any sense to you then how would it make sense to others? Make a logo that has an essence behind it and can represent your brand.

• Write down what your brand conveys. The key message and principles of your brand should be in writing and make sure all of your employees know and own them completely.

• Make your brand identified amongst dozens of others. It’s only possible when you concentrate in getting each and every aspect of your business synchronized with the persona of your brand. For example: Certain way of answering the phone calls, similar email signatures etc.

• Decide how your brand should speak. You may want it humble, honest, caring, witty or honest; settle on the voice of your brand. When decided slip in the voice of your brand while every internal and external communication.

• Don’t forget making a tagline for your brand. It defines who you are. • Most importantly, deliver on what your brand promises. Word of mouth is the strongest and fastest marketing medium and your customers won’t refer you if they wouldn’t get what your brand pledges.

If you consider all these points and be consistent over a period of time, the possibilities are that you will be successful. You may go through a tough time, but don’t forget you’d sit back and enjoy the fruits of your efforts for your whole life. Get your brand strategy and identity right, there’s no left on the road to success!

Written by : Unosha Shahid

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