Coming up with techniques to make gadgets in order to make our lives more comfortable is one thing and chisel them up to make them adapt to the ever changing environment is another. It’s the same with the evolution of the website designing.

In the beginning, it was merely a combination of codes and scripts that make up a simple page that got  hooked up to a network where other connected users could look it up if they knew the URL. It was that simple. But as the internet technology and its related sub-fields expanded so did the innovations in the website designing.

We fast forward to today’s day and age, skipping the progress in between with respect to web designing. Today, a web page is not just accessed thru a PC. A user could be accessing it on a selection of devices such as a laptop or notebook, an alphabet or tab or a mobile device. Hence the designers had to respond to these needs and  come with the phenom of ‘Responsive Web’.

Should a business entity have a website designed and ignores the importance of making sure that it’s easily accessible on a number of devices then they’re lifting an axe an aiming it straight on their foot. User statistics and demographic data bear witness to the fact that mobile web is gaining popularity as fast as the internet did back in the days. People like to stay on the move but at the same time they want to keep their fingers on the pulse too.

Accessing information when and where needed is  becoming a necessity for people and if they find that their desired information is not accessible simply because the initiator didn’t pay head to the need of a responsive website then it puts them off and businesses in this day and age equally simply can’t afford that.

The core characteristic of a responsive website is that it adapts according to the medium it’s accessed through, for example the design and layout of a responsive website that is accessed on a PC will adapt accordingly if it’s accessed on a mobile device. And that powerful characteristic alone out of other few is good enough to make this feature a winner hands down.

All in all a responsive website is as vital for an enterprise as its own customer database because there’s no point having a huge reservoir of contact points if you don’t have the liberty to reach out to them on a spectrum of mediums. Responsive websites are not only an addition to already existing option a business has online but it can prove to be a positivity delivery asset for the enterprise.

Written by: Unosha Shahid

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