There are many small businesses we come across and meet their owners. Some of them are still not plugged in to social media platforms and think they don’t need any presence over any of the social media platforms. This time we decided to write a blog for all those who are still confused about being on social media. So do they really need to be there or it’s ok to only cling on to a website and a routine e-newsletters? The answer is, big or small every business needs social media! It’s the best way to reach your customers very easily. To describe it more, here are few reasons why social media has an importance for small businesses too.

Abundance of customers.

According to research and reports, people spend almost a quarter of their online time on social networks and reading blogs. That means the target market you are finding through other mediums is already using social media. If you need to reach your right target market, you need to be where they are, Makes sense? Through social media marketing your message will float to them or at least to a large number of them. Are you missing out of it? Don’t!

Tool to win hearts and trust.

You don’t use social media but your competitors are using it. In simple words they are winning more hearts and business than you by staying closer to YOUR target market. You wouldn’t like to fall behind, would you? And in case your competitors have not yet scratched their heads, celebrate – you can take advantage by making the most of these marketing mediums before they realize.

Strong Connection.

The most amazing thing about social media is it’s not one-way of doing business. Most of the marketing channels are not two-way. You shoot out newsletters, marketing messages etc and your consumers or clients receive it but what’s next? Do you get any instant reply or reaction? No. That’s why we call social media a two-way communication channel. You get quick feedback for whatever you share, promote or market. It’s more than a business entity, this medium has made your business a living being, your customers can feel about you, they trust you and look at your business as someone really close to them. And above all you’re earning millions of brand ambassadors for free. It’s not a bad deal at all.

In a nut shell, social media is not only for big or large businesses. It is a very helpful marketing medium for small businesses as well. So don’t over think and reap the benefits.

Written by: Unosha Shahid

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