Internet’s changed many things since its emergence and commercialization in the early 90’s. It has had a great impact on the way we spend our daily lives today. The entire study of Anthropology was given a spin on its head in this information age, thanks to the invent of the internet.

I remember going on a school trip to a technology show. We were supposed to be shown how the digital age is coming up and how the world be a changed place due to this relevantly new thing called the internet and we were supposed to pull our socks up in order to embrace this technology in all its stride.

I was so excited to go attend the road show as the PCs were becoming a permanent fixture in more and more households by the day. In the road show there were technology start ups of all types, some of them are still around today and some have succumbed to the tide of the time.

We were shown a documentary that covered the topics such as how the internet is gaining popularity and how it would change the way we live our lives today forever. We were told that it would bring in Movies on demand, DTH (Direct-to-home), that the banking system would change as it would allow us to take control of our bank accounts from the comfort of our home sofas!

We were told that we would be able to see our loved ones who’re thousands of miles away on to our computer screens live! And also that there would be literally thousands of TV channels available for us to choose from. All that seemed far fetch and almost impossible then. But, then again, things have changed, and they’ve changed for better, as we do have all these things available that seemed like a dream in the 90’s. In fact, sometimes it’s hard to remember how things were before the internet caught on.

One of the most admirable achievements of the internet is how fast communication has become. Things that took days and week to accomplish now take merely seconds and we take it for granted!

No matter what topic you’re interested in, the internet is an unimaginably big reservoir of information that you could take advantage of and excel in your chosen field of study or career for that matter. Today you have access to anything from satellite images to discussion forums online to benefit and extract info from.

Huge volumes of data gets transferred within a matter of minutes and your job’s done that would otherwise have taken days had you not had the ‘GENIE’ i.e. the internet!

Thanks to social media you can now befriend people from far flung places on our planet, get to know how they live and even how the weather is in their part of the world. You stay in touch of what’s happening around the world, all thanks to the internet. With the technology leaping forward at a lightning pace, you never know what the  internet has in-store for us in the future. But whatever it is, let’s hope it’s always for the betterment of the society and for the humanity as a whole. In the end I would only like to say – “HAPPY 25TH BIRTHDAY INTERNET”!

Written by: Unosha Shahid

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