With over 8 million smartphone users in Canada and counting, it is high time that business owners have a mobile-optimized website with full functionality in order to keep up within the competitive marketplace. These days more customers use mobile phones and tablets more than their computers at home which means that your business is missing out on numerous clients if you don’t already have a mobile-optimized website. You may want to run an api testing software on your website to see how well it is functioning and how it communicates so you can gather information on how it would work with mobiles.

Your website might look good with an appealing design and lots of well-informed content but what do your potential customers see when they open this website on their mobile device? Is that font even legible when viewed on a smaller screen? Are your links reachable? You have to ask yourself all these questions and more to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices because you can’t make a sale if your customer can’t view your website.

Over 40% of all local searches are done on a smartphone, but the problem is 99% of websites are NOT ready to be viewed on a mobile device! The outstanding flash design you had your web designer do for you sadly don’t even show up on mobile devices. We will show you three easy tips to get you started.

3 Tips to Optimize your Website for Mobile Devices:

1. Make your website readable on a small screen, paying attention to font, sizes and images.
2. Reduce load times to make sure your website loads seamlessly even on slower mobile connections. This means getting rid of large hi-resolution images on your mobile website.
3. Incorporate automatic redirection to the mobile version of your website when a mobile user visits your website.

With these three important steps and the right mindset your business is on the way to open its doors to a whole other world of customers you never knew you had! Stay tuned as in our upcoming blogs we are going to we discuss how to implement all these points to your website.

Written by: Shizra Saqib

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