Every New Year brings along technology trends that must be kept an eye on, be it an individual or an enterprise, more so if your firm deals in IT sector. It is imperative that these predicted trends are closely monitored and preparations are made beforehand to be up to the mark. Here we talk about a few of the trends that we think are going to take charge this year.

It’s a wireless world!
It’s 4G LTE at the moment but 5G is not that far away either. Wireless technology will urge the CIO’s to come up with ideas to better adapt to these emerging trends so that they know how to embed them perfectly in their daily operations and integrate them seamlessly into new social and collaborations tools. Be it any industrial sector; retail or transportation or service industries, wireless will be everywhere. Some organizations will use it as a revenue stream tool and others might use it as a value added service. But make no mistake, the security threats will be on an ever high note with these boundless networks.

Wireless, heaven for hackers!
Social engineering attacks are getting more sophisticated as the technologies move it up a notch. As with the rise in wireless networking, these open-end nexus are an invite for the perpetrators to initiate their malicious activities and execute their sabotaging plans. Those organizations that come prepared to thwart these attacks will not only survive them but also will reap the benefit and thrive.

The 3Ms – More Mobile Mayhem!
With 4G LTE usage on the rise, the users are generating more data using these networks. Which ultimately mean more opportunities for brands. This year, more and more brands will be offering various mobile data packages with different perks. In these circumstances, your firm should not leg behind and should make the most out of this.

Video content will be the king!
As the carrier networks will be strong enough to carry more data on their waves, the more content providers will be delivering video content to its subscribers. This will be an opportunity for the technology related firms to up the ante and adjust their strategy accordingly to cater this forte and create video content that serves the target market right.

Be local, be native!
Localized deliveries will rule this year. Providing services that serve a particular demography according to their specific needs will be topping the list. That will present the companies and organization with the opportunity to tap into new markets and run their businesses virtually with less and less utilization of human resources.

So these are a few trends that we think will rule this year. If you think otherwise or think that some other trends should also be included then do let us know and we’ll oblige.

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