The New Year cometh and here cometh the plethora of things you’d either WANT to do or DON’T to do. The resolutions could range anything from shedding a few pounds off to quitting something that is not considered healthy or from a resolute resolve to spend more time with the family to go wander around the globe.

But have you ever come up with a resolution that is related to your business or professional life? May be you may have thought about planning a staff outing or may be it had to something with managing your time more effectively. But if you haven’t thought about how to up the ante with your marketing activities then it’s about time you did, and we can help you achieve that.

First you’ve got to analyze the year gone by and the marketing initiatives you took. Only then you’d be able to work out how you can improve upon that. What worked for you in the last year and what didn’t will help you modify your next year’s marketing initiatives accordingly.

The Mobile Year!
Yes, this year’s all going to be about the medium of Mobile, especially when it’s said by the Google top guy Mr. Schmidt. Mobile subscriptions globally are soaring ahead by the rate of knots and this is the main reason why you just simply can’t ignore the importance this medium will have this year.

More and more users are using their smart phones and tablets to make transactions, find out about their favorite brands, visit online stores and interacting with their emails. So if you think it’s comfortable to stay in the shell thinking that it’s OK to wait for this medium to mature then think about it again. It’s about time that you optimized your marketing efforts for this medium and update your email campaigns and website accordingly.

Bringing coherency to the desktop version of your website with the mobile version can go a long way in bringing in more customers and can greatly improve the bottom line of your business. Nowadays a lot of users get diverted to your main website from their handsets so it is imperative that your website is aptly optimized for that medium.

Inbound is the way forward!
Yes traditional media has its own footprint but making marketing inroads via providing useful information to your client has its own merits, Inbound Marketing that is. Fill your customers in with conventional marketing methods this year but do not forget reaching them out with content marketing i.e. blogs, podcasts, whitepapers, SEOs and other means, that’s the way forward.

Your content needs a facelift!
Provide your content a makeover. Yes, keep repositioning your content strategy and keeping in on track and updated must be on your list of marketing resolutions for this year. Keep modifying and improving on the matter of your content, be more informative and useful.

Know thy customer!
Make a promise to yourself that you will strive hard to find out more about your customers this year. It’s truly important to know what your customers like, what doesn’t take their fancy, what demographic section they belong to and what their psychographic analysis are telling you. Know more, reap more!

Redress your landing page!
It’s a new year, a new dawn; a new day; why not welcome it with a new landing page? A Fresh look for a fresh year rings nicely with your online visitors. It sends out a message to your potential lead that you are vibrant and not just a stiff entity like a strict corporation.

So there you go, here are some resolutions for you to ponder over this year. Hope you like what you read and will give it a thought when devising your marketing strategy for the New Year. Happy New Year!

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