Candid Corner- Ahmed Rizvi.

Candid Corner with Ahmad Rizvi

Option: The Child/Kid who Financed his Dreams

Financial Consultant-Edward Jones

We assume that people associated to the finance field are a bit different from ‘us’ marketers. They are normally found with their head dug in numbers and books all the time. But this theory crashed down on its own knees when we got a chance to have a chinwag with Ahmad Rizvi- The financial Consultant for Edward Jones. He’s really an inspiring person. Check out what he talks about in our Candid Corner.

When we asked for a meeting, Ahmad Rizvi immediately gave us the appointment; he’s a busy person though. In the beginning of our session, we threw down the gauntlet by asking him to define himself, he uttered three words ‘Trustworthy, professional, hardworking’. This definition comprising of three words exactly matches with what we knew about Ahmad already. We further asked him about the factors that made him choose what he does for a living and he smilingly replied ‘The ability to help people and make a significant positive impact in their lives’. Sharing about his leisure activities he mentioned he loves to spend time with his wife & two cute kids. Moving ahead we had asked him about happiness, he shared his words of wisdoms with us ‘Happiness is being able to create a positive impact in people’s lives, starting from your family. The smile on my kids’ faces and their excitement when they see me at the end of the day makes me the happiest’.

As he takes a sip of coffee we asked who inspired him in business. ‘I always think of the two years my father spent in the military as a prisoner of war and it inspires me to achieve greater success.’ he replied with poise. He further told us that he always wanted to be a Financial Advisor at Edward Jones as a child (We appreciate him for achieving what he decided; only ambitious & smart people can attain what they want.) Turning our conversation towards technology we asked him about the gadget he thinks help him run business most efficiently and after taking a brief pause he said ‘iPhone’.

Being an experienced businessman, he also gives advice to new business owners ‘Take it step by step, there’s a lot that a new business owner needs to do to achieve success but just breaking things down into bite size tasks, having a running to-do list, project plan, network of people and the energy and drive to keep visualizing success takes you there eventually – it’s never easy but it gets better with time.’ And at the end of our conversation he didn’t forget to share his views about SolsNet and here they are… ‘I admire the work SolsNet does for small business owners and after having met AJ Rana and seen the value SolsNet provides to its clients, I recommend SolsNet’s services to all my clients that are looking for the complete online social media marketing solutions, not to mention I grew up with Leelas- The Marketing Coordinator of SolsNet’.

We had a great time talking to Ahmad. He’s one of those people who choose their aim, strive for it and finally get there. This world definitely needs more people of his kind.

Good Luck Ahmad for your future endeavors!

Team SolsNet

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