NOEL WALROND – The Mantra of Success!

283968_10150711070545183_3473638_aNoel Walrond isn’t one of those cheesy motivational speakers who pop up on your computer screen in an attempt to sell you a collection of CDs. His ambition to drive social change within his community is commendable. His mission is to help people achieve success and reach their full potential.

I asked Noel to meet me at our local restaurant. At around 1PM this tall and well dressed man said hello and sat down to have a chat with me. Noel is the president of ‘My Dreams Work’. The first time I met Noel was at a trade show and was introduced by Ash Silva (A PR expert). Noel asked me if I could answer some questions on the fear of sales, that to me was a question most people don’t ask themselves let alone others. I knew this guy had something.

On my inquisition into something that has stuck with him for life, any incident or character that he had met, to that, Noel replied, ‘Many years ago when I was in the Direct Sales Industry, my then Regional Director Michell Smith ran a morning meeting that has stuck with me since then and I thought I would share it with you. She said “If you work really hard & do ALL of the right things there is still NO guarantee that you will succeed in our business but if you DON’T do all the right things and work hard, you are absolutely guaranteed to NOT succeed”, something he just posted on his Social media.

Noel has helped dozens of struggling sales professionals this year become 6 figure income earners & helped hundreds of business owners increase their productivity many fold and he still continues to.

Different people define happiness differently, and when we put Noel on the spot with regards to how he sees being happy, his answer was, ‘Happiness is living life on your own terms and living a life that’s full of gratitude for the good and the bad.

On the question of how any literature, if there is one, has a long lasting impact on Noel’s life, he explains, ‘At age 19 I started listening to audio tapes and reading literature like Anthony Robbins “Awaken The Giant” made an impact on me, I guess that is where the fascination started. What makes people tick, what makes them do what they do or what they don’t do. Noel adds, ‘This is what helped me decipher my own code of conduct, eventually leading him to better understand the world and When we chucked the question at him of handling downtime, he replies, ‘I am going on vacation for a month’, he answers as I sit there shivering from the cold.

We next asked him about his hobbies and realized that it’s something you could see yourself doing with one of your oldest buddies like watching UFC fights, go dancing or travel.

On the subject of naming the early influencers in his life, Noel was very clear. Starting from his mother. He recalls his mother giving him the keys to the house so he could go home after school and somehow the chain that held the keys never made it long around his neck. ‘His mother’, he says ‘was strict on time, and the way he so eloquently speaks manners as well. She raised him to be independent and to think for himself.

We had a wonderful time with this person who so eloquently carries himself and leaves an impression on his audience. It was indeed a pleasant experience for us having sat down with Noel and did we mention that he is friends with Russell Peters, the famous comedian! In fact Noel says” Russell Peters..being my friend, watching him grow from a broke unknown to become an international sensation & millionaire in part inspired me to go after my passion”.

Till next time… CIAO!

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