This is Ash Silva. To describe this man best is to describe how i first met him. Relatively new to PR myself as a profession, but always having  a natural talent i came in to Solsnet. In the 1st month of my working there we had an opportunity to go one of the biggest Networking events in Toronto. Like any other company we prepared, brainstormed  and talked the  about details.

That is where i met Ash Silva. Online we had met while he was helping promote this event. I saw and observed what he was doing in a promotional sense and found somethings to be bold others were generic enough. At the event i saw a line of people around one man, waiting their turn to speak with him. I watched as business owners asked him for favors and were trying to get his attention in the 3 minutes he had to spare. I watched as he communicated with all of them as if giving a speech and i thought to myself, that is what is i am suppose to be, that is what PR is in it’s true form.
I had a chance to not become a friend but to pick his brain. Just like me i know you want to know more about the man named Ash Silva.

1- Define yourself in three words?.



Deal Maker.  Hey, I love the Acronym that ‘created’


2- What made you choose what you do for a living?.

I believe what i do for a Living, CHOOSES ME – EVERYDAY, Differently, Powerfully, Compellingly

Meaning, Once 1 chose to do what i love, which is to connect, engage and empower business owners and people in general, the opportunities come to me DAILY as a result of my reaching out and connecting and empowering others and in those connections and communication and COMMUNION, you must , as i do, recognize the opportunity or create it and then empower the parties involved to BUILD IT


3- What do you do when you are not working?.

Interesting question because what i do for a living is not work, but actually my PLAY, I get paid to make new friends EVERYDAY So what do i do when i’m not working … making new friends at real live networking events, on social media AND every place in between.

4- Tell us a little bit about company.

The new site is presently being overhauled by Solsnet with the new look and all the details of what i do so visit http://ashsilva.com for EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about me and MORE, but in the meantime I connect businesses and business owners to MORE OPPORTUNITY, RESOURCES, STRATEGIES and MORE BUSINESS – the HOW I do that changes DAILY so visit the Website to see the DAILY posts on how I can help YOU and YOUR BUSINESS.

5- What is your definition of happiness?.  What make you happy?.

My Definition of Happiness has changed, even evolved through the years from making more $$ and accumulating TOY`S to recognizing that there is a GRANDER CURRENCY beyond anything MONEY can buy and it allows me to buy what money cannot and that is the CURRENCY of the – and that is the true JOY and PLEASURE that makes by business PLAY and NOT WORK ( Someone wise said Do what you love and never work a day in your life – I follow that guidance and don’t remember the last time i worked .. actually i do .. but thats for another time . SO – What makes me happy is When i leave ANYONE / EVERYONE I come into contact with daily .. Touched, Moved and Inspired about what’s REALLY possible for their lives.

6- Who has inspired you in business?

This used to be a list of business gurus and then became business gurus who also made a difference like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs but now admiring people like Martin Luther King who didn’t let even a little business dilute his message for equality for all men and Women no matter their shin color or language or are or religion and Mother Theresa who gave up EVERYTHING and gave herself away to Gandhi who stood showed us how to bring harmony to each other PEACEFULLY .

7- Name the gadget that helps you run your business most efficiently.

I only know the iPhone 5 – controls my biz in the palm of my hand and if you want to learn how to run your biz mobile then take my course coming out soon .. and the PRICE IS . . .F R E E.

8- What did you want to be when you were a child?.

Fireman – I always wanted to Save Lives.

9- What advice would you give to a new business owner?.

Find what you’re great at and love doing and then find a way to offer that as a service to others so you are doing what you truly love – and you’ll never work another day in your life

Of Course, There may be exceptions to this rule as i found out once when i gave this advice to some people and there was someone in the audience who thought about it … and after a while of pondering said: that may work for other but may not be appropriate for me lol

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