Lighting up your photography subject is one thing and lighting up the mood is another… Cynthia is exceptional at both! An extremely detailed professional and an equally good human being, Cynthia is the go-to person for both characteristics!

Today we’re outlining how our rendezvous with her went about. We quick fired the first one by asking her to define herself in three words and she was as quick as the shutter speed of her camera in replying back by saying, “Happy, Caring, Strong.”

Our next question was, what made you chose the job that you are doing now? And she replied, “I wanted to challenge our cultural standards of beauty.” We next asked her, “How do you spend your day?” Her answer was, “I am editing, emailing, on Facebook.” Our next question was a bit casual in nature when we asked her, what do you do when you are not doing what you regularly do? And she replied, “I am chatting with friends and go out for dinner.” We next tried digging in to her professional life by asking her, tell us about the best part of your work. And she explained, “Connecting with my clients during their photo shoot, talking about life, and what inspires us.”

Getting a bit philosophical, we asked her, what’s your own definition of happiness? And she put her thinking cap on and replied, “Being in the moment and enjoying the little things, like my cup of coffee or a sweet text from a friend, in these moments I find so much joy, being thankful for everything.” Our next question was, who is your inspiration/role model? To which, she replied, “Honestly? Myself. I look to myself for motivation and inspiration. I have conquered many things.

After a couple of serious questions we then asked her, what is your favorite holiday spot/food/gadget? And she said, “My favorite Holiday? Don’t have one, but I love Halloween. Spot – Cabaret Vintage on Queen Street, it is where I go to relax, or a nice cozy coffee shop. Gadget – My Bose headphones when I want excellent sound quality when listening to music.” Our next question was, what did you think you were going to be when you grew up? And she replied, “I thought I was going to be a teacher and then eventually a principal.”

In the end to wrap our conversation up we asked her the ending question, what lessons has your work life taught you? And she explained, “The things do not happen overnight. Be patient, hard work is just that… HARD WORK, and it won’t stop. I learned that it is more important to relax and find time for yourself instead of working 12 hours straight with no break and not being as productive… that working 8 hours and taking a break is much more productive.”

So there we go, here is another inspirational human being who shared their points of view about life and shared their personal experiences with us and we brought it to our readers as they came. Until next time, stay inspirational and take care of yourself and others around you.


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