Seeing your mum in a wheelchair for almost entire your life and see her continuously in the same state is painful enough. To make it even harder to battle is to find out later that you could’ve helped her live a happy and healthy life, is devastating.

This is the story of Dil Singh, a passionate individual, who after witnessing her mum’s painful experience, has decided to dedicate his life for spreading awareness about how other ‘Dil Singhs’ can save their beloved mums’ lives or at least make their lives better. Dil Singh wishes to achieve his goal by highlighting what RDSPs are, through events such as an upcoming Fundraising Gala organized by ‘Community Foundation for the Disabled’, taking place on Friday November 14th such nature.

The Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) is a Canada-wide registered matched savings plan specific for people with disabilities. Anyone can contribute to RDSP – family, friends, neighbors… it gives people who want to help a way to do so. The money can be invested to grow – it is the best Return on Investment available. Depending on someone’s income, any money saved immediately triples in value. Once investment decisions are made, it can really start to grow.

In his personal life, Dil is a Financial Coach. His firm offers a complete selection of Insurance Packages customized to suit the needs of individuals and families. Their Registered and Tax Free Savings Plans help prepare for the future with confidence.

We sat down with Dil for a little heart to heart. Here’s what unfolded:

We started off by asking Dil how he defines himself, and he defined to us, “Well, I’m a Financial Coach, a caring father and I want to build my name and my career around disability community.”

Our next question was, why he wanted to promote RDSPs, and he explained, “Because I want disabled people to be aware of what an RDSP is and what benefits you can have by opening an RDSP account.” We then enquired about how he thought of RDSP and why he wants people to know about it, to which he explained, “My mom was in a wheel chair and nobody knocked on our door to educate us about what is out there. No banks were sitting with my dad to tell him how he can take advantage of some sort of a similar program. That’s what made me think that I should not let this happen to other peoples’ mums.”

We further questioned him about elaborating the motive behind his efforts, and he briefly replied, “I want to educate families and make sure they get what they deserve.” In the end, we asked him what he wants to achieve with this Fund Raising Dinner by ‘Community Foundation for the Disabled’, to which, he explained, “I want to make sure that this event is benefitting all that are disabled. All the profits from the event will go to opening or adding to the RDSP of the disabled people.”

We wish there are more people like Dil out there with the heart to spend their lives so passionately working for such a commendable task.

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