Here we give you an insight into the world of a perfect juggler, Filita Visaya- she’s a lady who balances her professional and personal life magnificently. Few women work hard and find the secret of having an ideal life, they work to fulfill their dreams but never compromise when it comes to the family, Filita Visaya is one of them. She’s a today’s woman in every sense of the word.

 We started the interview by asking to define herself in three words. “Wife…mother… Entrepreneur… However chauffeur… Short order cook…and referee seems more accurate.” Instead of three she defined herself in six words. Next up we asked, what made you chose the profession you are in now? “With 3 young kids…I needed something that was flexible…so that I could have my time with my family… Being a work-from-home parent…gives me that…I’m able to meet new people… Help others succeed… Promote myself and my business.”

Moving on to know few more interesting things we then asked how she likes to spend her day. “I try to have a daily ‘power hour’ for my businesses… That allows me to FOCUS…When my kids are home…my focus is on them…then back to work after they’ve gone to bed.”, she smilingly replied. Shifting to a little different question in nature we asked her about the best part of her work. “I LOVE the flexibility it allows me to spend time with my family and all the opportunities to meet amazing people”, she confidently explained.

We carried on by asking, what she does when she’s not doing what she regularly does? “I enjoy being with my family and friends”, she took a brief pause, smiled and went on… “There has to be a balance between work and personal…the line is a little grey when you work from home”. Taking it ahead, our next question was her definition of happiness? She says, “Happiness-seeing my kids smile when they see me at their school assemblies…sporting events…being able to help someone whether it’s through helping them promote their business or just by listening and supporting them”. Shifting gears we asked about her inspiration/role model. She, without taking a pause, replied, “My inspiration… My family!”

In the end we asked her what lessons has her work life taught her? And she had them all on her finger tips… “Focus, time management, getting comfortable, being uncomfortable, putting the SOCIAL back into social media”. That statement concluded our very interesting, lively and friendly talk with Filita Visaya – A lady who has a perfect sense of balance,  a woman who’s so dedicated to achieve her professional and personal goals simultaneously. Hope you enjoyed our session. Until next time with a new person, CIAO!

Team SolsNet

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