Candid Corner With Sonia Ojha.

Sonia Ojha is a today’s woman in every sense of the word. Sonia is an extremely professional individual, working for the Mississauga Board of Trade as their Advertising and Sponsorship Manager.  She is poised, soft spoken and ready to take on any task at hand. When i met Sonia for the first time i remember a woman who had a big smile on her face and most of all a woman who is on top of her professional game, which is is no easy task. Sonia, uses her skill set  and knowledge to help companies elevate their brands and positioning in the GTA business community.

Now lets take a look at the woman that is Sonia Ojha.

one arm extended and a big grin on her face as she asked us to have a seat. We started the interview by asking to define herself in three words. “Fair, Impulsive, Happy”, she replies. Next up we asked, what made you choose what you do for a living? “I enjoy meeting new people and learning about opportunities to work in partnership. I also really love the not-for-profit world, it is so unique and by nature, collaborative. Our next question was, what do you do when you are not working? “I love reading, especially biographies. I am an action movie aficionado and have recently taken up painting and am quite active on social media!”

Moving past the personal questions we then asked her to tell us a little about the company she works for. “I work for Mississauga Board of Trade (MBOT), we are your local chamber of commerce and work and advocate on behalf of businesses in Mississauga, we also do over 70 events a year”, she explains. Shifting to a slightly different question in nature we asked her, what is your definition of happiness? “My definition of happiness is my family!”, she confidently replies. “I love my family and this means my extended family as well, everyone who knows me, knows that I usually have someone staying with me for most of the year, whether it is my side of the family or my husband’s.”

We then carried on by asking her about her inspiration in business, to which she answered, “I am very inspired by our Mayor, Her Worship Hazel McCallion, what a great role model for young women everywhere.” Taking it forward, our next question was, name the gadget that helps you run your business most efficiently. She says, “I have to say my iPhone, I am not sure what I would do if I didn’t have my smart phone. I can pretty much do everything on my phone that I do on my laptop.”

In the end we asked her how she is associated with SolsNet? “I am so pleased to say that Solsnet is one of our very valued members of MBOT. I frequently use Solsnet as an example of a member who is using MBOT really effectively; you guys are always so involved with our events, committees and engage us on social media very successfully”,

That concluded our very friendly and lively chat with a lady who is a combination of social openness and strict adherence to professionalism at the same time. We must say we enjoyed sitting down with Sonia Ojha and hope that you enjoyed our conversation too. Until next time with a new person, CIAO!

Team SolsNet

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