Meet Glenn Ko, the smartly clad lad who defines himself as patient, relaxed and content. Without further ado we’ll take you straight in to our conversation with him that we had a few days back.

We started our conversation by asking him, “What made you choose the job that you are doing now?” He replies, “In short, I came across the role I have today by accident. I was in a totally different industry before and never planned to get into personal sales. Most of my working life has been in IT technical support, but I was let go from a corporate job back in 2009. I was presented with an opportunity to work with Feri and join their sales team. I had no prior sales experience, but I was willing to learn something completely new. The timing was right for me, so I just jumped in.”

When we asked him about how he spends his normal day, he answers, “How I spend my day is polar opposite to my corporate days. I don’t have a set schedule other than attending networking events regularly and volunteering with the Mississauga Board of Trade. Some days will be crazy busy with back to back meetings and others will be super quiet.”

When we inquired him about what he normally does when he’s not doing something that he does regularly, to that he explains, “The one activity I really look forward when I’m not working is going sailing in the summertime. I’m fortunate that my family has a sail boat that my father and I sail as much as possible during the summer.” We next asked him about the best part of his work, and he answers, “The best part of the work that I do is that I meet new people almost on a daily basis. It’s especially neat to hear the stories of how people came about the job they are doing today. There are so many stories of people who worked in many different jobs and industries. Another part of the work that I do that I particularly enjoy is public speaking because I never had the opportunity to do much of it in my previous job. It’s always fun to me to come up with new and exciting ways to present a sales pitch.”

We then moved on by asking him what’s his definition of happiness, to that he explains, “My definition of happiness is to be sailing on Lake Ontario in sight of the hustle and bustle of Toronto. It’s hard to put into words the feeling of being on the lake with nothing other than the wind pushing you along.” We threw in the next question about his inspiration, to that he says, “My parents are my biggest role models. They came to Canada in the 1970’s with only the clothes on their backs with no friends or family and worked hard for what they have. My mother is my inspiration today since I work closely with her. She built a fashion business just with hard work and determination. I draw a lot of good lessons from her many years experience in dealing with many different people.”

After that nostalgic trip down memory lane we then moved on to something to do with his current life i.e. his favorite holiday spot or a food that he likes or any gadget that he can’t imagine living without, and he says, “My favorite summer holiday spot would be the marina where we keep the family sail boat. It’s in a secluded corner of Etobicoke that few people know exists. It’s in an interesting spot that you cannot see any buildings or signs of the city, but it’s only a 20 minute drive from home and downtown. It is a tranquil spot just to chill out, have a BBQ or take the sail boat out for a ride.” We then asked him if as a child he had imagined himself to be doing something else to what he’s doing now, and he answers, “When I was a kid, I had the traditional doctor job in mind. I was not particularly strong in math or science, so that career choice quickly went by the wayside. In high school, I somehow thought that I would be a good architect. Again, my weakness is math and science removed that choice. All along though, I was always interested in computers: taking them apart, putting them back together, etc so that’s how I happened on a career in IT.”

To wrap it up we threw a question at him by asking him what lessons his work life had taught him, and he enlightens us by quoting, “I think the biggest lesson I’ve learned in my work life is to be patient and calm when dealing with people. There will always be a person out there that will test your patience, but it’s always better to keep cool and try to understand where they are coming from.”

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