Social media expansion and potential is not news, but its impact, scope and rate of growth is beyond comparison.
Coupled with the world’s insatiable thirst for new technology, social media marketing and its numerous devices are driving many of today’s businesses and guiding their futures.

While some traditionalists might term social media as another expense, marketers see it as a chance to grow. As for accountants, they need to view it as “new revenue.”

By the numbers:·

  • In a Harris Interactive poll of 2,331 American adults surveyed online between December 6 and 13 last year, 65% say they are using social media.
  • According to a May 7 article by eMarketer, “US marketers will spend $3.08 billion to advertise on social networking sites this year. Spending will be up 55% over the $1.99 billion advertisers devoted to social networks in 2010 and will rise by a further 27.7% next year to reach nearly $4 billion.”

Traditional advertising vehicles (television, radio and newspapers) can’t compete with those numbers.It is difficult to list and track all of the sales and potential growth in one blog but what can be said is that industries that prosper and want to remain competitive need to align themselves within this social media and adapt.

Businesses need to find experts to run this end of the business and stay on top of the ever changing aspects of this marketing opportunity. SolsNet can provide you with that kind of expertise. Just contact us through this site and we will show you how we can maintain your site and improve your market share.

Written by: Joseph Poirier

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