The most interesting thing in our lives is time. It gives us lesson to move on and never stop. This lesson is completely espoused by technology. There were times with no computers and internet, but with the passage of time technology progressed. Now the world is on our finger tips and tap of thumbs. With ever changing needs of life, needs of businesses also changed.

Now if you want to reach your actual and much bigger target market then you need greater platform like online marketing. We have several times talked why it is necessary for corporation to build their online identity and people are really aware of the reasons. So today we have decided to talk about the other side of picture.

Here we are talking about the breed called designers- They can belong to some firm or can be freelancer, facts remains same for both- It happens that sometimes web designers face complexity understanding the accurate requirement of client. This normally happens when clients feel confused about their requirement and the exact design they are looking for. And if design suffers then it tarnish the repute of web design service. Further in this blog, we will give some guidelines that can help out designers to grasp their clients in a better way.

First and foremost, feed in your mind that your clients also belong to planet earth. They will listen to you if you put a pinch of extra effort. Always tend to find out what client means by a good design. Definition of ‘good’ differs from client to client. Some people mean it as a fancy and alluring website whereas some people mean it as clean, simple and easy going website. Therefore, it is crucial to find out what they mean. To start with, you should discuss the project and the nature of business with the clients as clear as you can. The more you talk with the client and answer to questions, the more trust you will gain. Don’t always interrupt client but there are times when you need to give your opinion in polite manner.

For example: If client wants higher ranking on search engines and same time asking for a website that is backed by Flash then tell them Flash is not much appreciated by search engines and can harm their ranking. There are definitely few things which your client doesn’t know because they are not technically savvy but you are. So by using appropriate language and after gaining client’s trust, you can tell them about things that matters to the reputation of their business.

Most of the time you need to built an impression to the clients. It is not at all any hyperbole but winning the faith of your clients. Always inquire about the brass tacks of their business. You must have an idea about the dynamics of their work. If you already know about their business, tell them! It will make your clients take your design services with poise.

Another thing that is quite tricky to deal is the reaction of clients when you quote the price of your services. Normally it upsets them when they find the prices high. If you are going to cost a bit high, then you must make clear the kind of work and quality you are competent of delivering. In case it is your pricing strategy to cost low, then also give them surety that the value and quality of work will not be compromised.

Now come to the most important part. The Design. Check about the precedence of your clients. No matter you are designing a whole website or logo keep the preferences of your clients in mind. If they want a simple and clear design, then don’t overdesign. Similarly if some clients wants appealing, vivid and loud website, do it if it doesn’t harm their image and suit their business. In a few words, you should intend to determine client’s need. Being an expert it is up to you to adapt and amend their ideas to build a design which fulfill their needs. It is particularly imperative to be in touch with your client. As you progress with design, you should keep sending them blue prints. This will make your client happy and updated about your efforts. Always remember, the key to win the heart of clients is to know their behavior. Know your client and keep designing!

Unosha Naved

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