No matter what happens in the marketing world, the conventional and solid concepts can never be taken over by any other concept. In fact they are the foundation of what you, me and everyone sees going on in the field of marketing. Well, the phrase modern marketing is used on purpose which means when digital marketing completely fusses with classic one, modern marketing comes into being. It’s all about adopting the change to keep the pace and be in the league. Change doesn’t omit the core but it does amend few things. To be a modern marketer you got to understand The Triple ‘M’ – Modern Marketing Manifesto. There’s no harm in reconstituting the marketing as it is needed today. See what it
requires to be a modern marketer…

Look beyond the possibilities

If you want to be a modern marketer then refresh your faith on conventional marketing concepts. But here you need to take an extra step as well… Marketing defines the possibilities; modern marketing enables you to look beyond the possibilities. Try to know about your Ps (Product, price, placement, promotion, and people) better than ever and strategize accordingly.

Make your brand a ‘Strong Brand’

Today a brand is strong if its customers have trust in it. To us, transparency is the key! You can unlock the doors of your customers’ hearts by making your brand transparent to them. Thanks to the internet it has created so many opportunities to reach out to your customers and their needs.

Create a good customer experience

It’s a matter of few seconds, if they don’t like you, they will move on… Yes, here comes the power of  good design and UX (user experience). Experience is what customer is getting from you, the service, the product, the interaction, so on and so forth. You must try to make your customers’ experience memorable, pleasurable and useful.

Know the customer behavior

You can do it by research and data gathering. Today, other than conventional mediums, digital platforms provide novel and helpful sources to gather the important information about the customers and their behavior. As a modern marketer you must acknowledge the power of data.

Shake your minds digitally

To include digital marketing in the course of action, an organization should first embed the digital philosophy in the marketing plans and strategies. Traditional marketing efforts can be done to promote the brand but organizations must adopt the new traditions and procedures to become a digital oriented company.

Align technology

Technology works as a catalyst now. Every modern marketer should have knowledge and aptitude to use the technology appropriately. Today technologists are adapting marketing and marketers are using technology to carry out marketing activities.

Activate the Social Virus

Being social is the chance for your brand to change the business culture (positively) and the ways it communicates with its customers and allies. Companies should realize the fact that everything including marketing has a different atmosphere now. Customers are talking, appreciating and sharing the information about brands. In other words you can earn your brand advocates for free. For a modern marketer adopting social media is a must.

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