Lately, I have created the habit of carrying things around with me throughout the house. No, I’m not moving heavy things. This is not part of the new weight-loss kick that I am on. However, I have lost about 20 pounds in six months through a great program and if you want to learn about it, click on my byline and I will tell you.

Actually, I have learned from search engines and taken a page from Google, Yahoo!, and Bing by carrying important information that will be valuable to me later. This has nothing to do with my memory. O.K., maybe a little, but similar to search engines I have plenty of that. It is just that there are so many things that need doing.

For instance, consider my latest e-mail. I wanted to send my friend a photo of a picture my son drew when he was 10 years old. I carried the camera from the top floor of our split level home to the main floor and was asked to prepare a lunch. I pulled out a few things and even took out something for dinner – talk about your multi-tasking!

Still carrying the camera, I walked passed my son who asked me to help him find his glove since he was on his way to a game that night. We found it by discussing the places he last used it and we moved on.

With the camera still safely tucked under my arm I went into the room to take a photo of my son’s, still framed, artwork. Once the photo was imaged a couple of times, I proceeded back to the computer. There, it’s done.

Now what does all that wandering have to do with search engines?

Well, anyone who wants to study the value of search engine optimization (SEO) realizes two things:

  1. With work, sites can end up on the first page of search results There is money at the top.
  2. It is believed that most people open the first organically selected site they get. This position result is valuable to any company. It is essential to product sales and brand recognition.

Keep in mind, even before the site is considered, search engines have analyzed your site to find its relevance on the internet. Just like me carrying something throughout the house to use later, the search engines are gathering information from place to place by using spider crawlers – information the search engine can use later. Once the information is stored, every site earns a rank according to the site builder’s diligence in completing tasks in key areas.

While the ill-advised, word-stuffed meta tags used to provide a basis for SEO, most searches today involve more than one word. Searches come in the form of questions and other long-tail queries.

How does an administrator ensure site prominence to include all of these concerns? Optimization means using key words, headings, links, blogs and even advertising to establish dominance. It is difficult to jump ahead of the competition installing items that have nothing to do with your site and add clutter. Knowing the difference is where SolsNet can help.

By using web-based tools to build and analyze your site, SolsNet provides you with the best chance for site optimization. Maybe someone at SolsNet can jar my memory and remind me to transfer the photo files from my camera to my computer.

Written by: Joseph Poirier

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