With the Advent of YouTube growing all around the world, the future of Websites seems more like NetFlix Instant Play feature than texty pictorial ones on shelf! YouTube has already brought dynamic change in the online world and is accessible from anywhere including your facebook to your smart phones to your email inbox.

The upcoming Google TV is also featuring YouTube as a permanent part of its trait, after which you will be able to watch YouTube videos on your television screens – bad news for leading television channels as You Tube has everything that they don’t offer and it also provide users the ability to broadcast themselves.

Many experts believe that You Tube will also change the way we learn things, it’s all set to become an integral part of Virtual Schools where students will learn after watching videos and documentaries for their projects and uploading their research videos online. Hence it will also replace reading, writing and viewing of stand-still pictures on the web due to its aspect of being interactive.

So it’s important for your business and website to cash in benefits from changes occurring in the online world of entertainment. It can be done by producing high quality videos related to your products, video blogs, corporate video, sales and direct response videos.

Solsnet and its partners have hands-on experience in media streaming and can help you in different phases of media production. We are both a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and a provider of streaming services live and on- demand relay. For more just drop us a line

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