With new technologies coming out every day we all are wondering what’s going to be next? What’s going to shape our future online world which is growing at the fastest pace like ‘no’ any other communication platform in human history, Internet has already revolutionized and overtaken previous platforms such as the television and radio which took years in reaching out by the common masses.

Here is the short technology roundup of trends buzzing the online world:

Cloud Computing
Term ‘Cloud’ in Cloud Computing refers to anything that involves hosting over the internet. It has bring a dynamic shift in storing of digital data and information online so that the data is no longer required to be stored on your hard drive or your computer’s memory but stored and accessible online. Microsoft’s Skydrive, YouTube and Google Docs are its prime examples.

Social Media
Another thing widely popular on the internet is the usage of Social media; Websites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace help people connect with their friends, colleagues and family members online, they not just can chat but also share their information, photos and life stories with them. Businesses are also taking huge advantage from this growing social medium by getting more information about their consumers, their likes and by popularizing their brands through pages.

Google TV
Launched in the United States this fall, GoogleTV aims to bring Web into your living rooms so that TV viewers which are not familiar with the web, get glimpse of it. It is available through a built-in TV device or through a set-top box which allows users to access the Internet on TV along with regular broadcast and cable programming.

Mobile Apps
As the usage of internet has grown widely, people want to access the internet on the move. Mobile phones have made possible for people to access internet wherever and whenever they want. With the induction of mobile apps, internet usage on smart phone devices has become much easier with whole new looks, navigation and style.

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