Really, the only thing getting us through the last dull days of summer—aside from a few cold ones over the Labor Day weekend—is the promise of new gear arriving this fall. From Apple’s annual iPhone refresh to the promise of new tablets from Amazon and Barnes & Noble, the lure of shiny new hardware is just out of reach.

Problems arise for the techie who’s missing that last key component in their portfolio, however. Here’s the dilemma: You’re headed for the beach for the three-day weekend, and your stoner buddy just planted his very large posterior on your old Amazon Kindle $89.00 at Amazon, leaving you without an e-reader to pass the time by the waves. Should you rush out to be another? Not so fast!

Come in, sit down, and let us guide you through your next few steps.

Here’s the situation: Companies like Barnes & Noble are already slicing substantial discounts off the Nook Tablet $179.00 at Walmart.com and older products. That usually means they’re clearing the decks, encouraging consumers to buy their old inventory off of store shelves. So you buy, right? WRONG. That’s just a trick, son, to encourage you to do their dirty inventory liquidating work for them.

What you do, instead, is wait until the press conference. Sure, PCMag will have the details. Then you make your decision. Check out Amazon.com, or the electronic bargain bins known as the overstock sites. Evaluate the features. Compare prices. Decide.

But for all that is holy, do NOT buy the products on the following pages now. Sure, check them out. Look at the real-time prices. And consider how much you’ll save by waiting. As for your beach weekend? Borrow a book from the library. It’s free, and think how much more cut you’ll look after hauling Cryptonomicon down to the shore.


Source:PC Mag

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