Social Networking websites have become one of the most important mediums to stay connected to your friends, colleagues and family members; Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are widely popular and are gaining more importance as more and more people are using these social mediums to stay connected.

The best part about all these social networking websites is that they are broadly popular among people from all ages and an average user spends almost eight hours a day on these popular websites. As per Facebook’s own facts people spend over 700 billion minutes on its website every month excluding the time they spend on its site from mobile phones; this clearly shows the dynamism of this widely popular platform.

There are over 900 million objects that people interact with on different social networking websites which includes pages, groups, events and community pages and share 30 billion pieces of content including web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums etc. each month.

With their growing popularity, these websites have also revolutionized the marketing concepts and provide insights about its users, their likes and other information which can be used to target the right audience. Many businesses are already using this important tool to generate more revenues by pursuing effective marketing strategies.

But many businesses still tend to ignore this important social marketing tool which not just keeps them away from this technology savvy world but also damage their online reputation and their search engine rankings because of the power of social media across all sections of wires. So don’t ignore this important element while planning your marketing strategy.

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