The Success of your online business depends on a sound marketing strategy which is aimed to increase your performance and maximize your ROI but most importantly you must be aware about your competitors and the tactics they use to drive their online performance.

Here are some of the tips for your online marketing success, by incorporating them you can get the insights you need, to stay on top of the competition:

Use Web analytics tools to get the information about your competitors like number of their page views, their unique site visitors and the time users spent on their website. This will give you the sense of your competitive landscape.

You can also use these tools to see the keywords that are sending traffic to your competitor’s site from search engines; you can see the percentage of traffic individual search engine contribute to their website.

After identifying the websites that are sending traffic to your competitor’s, get into action and make a list of these. If your competitors are receiving traffic from other specific sites, reach out to them.

Also, retarget users that leave your website. Web analytics tools will let you identify websites that are sending and receiving traffic from your site. By using them, you can easily see where your users go when they leave your site. Are they going directly to your competitor, a search engine, or back to their favorite social network? Perform a destination traffic report on your website regularly.

By using the above marketing strategies you can pickup site visitors that might be interested in your products or services. You can also access, set targets and think how your site enhancements and marketing strategies can impact on your competitors.

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