Technologies are growing faster with new ones coming out every day; Internet has changed from been a platform for viewing of standstill websites to more dynamic, lively and interactive one. More people are using it and more it provides the opportunity for businesses to do their branding using interactive new tools, applications and features that make buzz around the world. Here are top five Solsnet picks for 2011

Online Buzz
Small businesses will go for websites as online presence have become a very important element for corporate identity so we expect more and more website development projects by small sized businesses this year; at the same time we expect that businesses already with a website will go for their website revamp and up gradation to the latest web 2.0 standards.

Online Shopping
eCommerce have now become multibillion dollar industry with vast majority of people using online shopping websites to buy their desired products and services, to save their time and money rather going for outdoor shopping. With this rapid increase in online shopping phenomena, more and more retailers are integrating shopping cart and product catalogues on their website to showcase their featured products and services.

Social Media
Social media has really revolutionized the web and has become number one activity on the internet. Websites such Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are widely popular with Facebook having more than 500million users. People are using these websites to stay in touch with their friends, colleagues and family members and businesses are using these mediums to market their presence worldwide.

Smart Phone Apps
Usage of smart phones have grown widely as more and more people are using smart phones to perform their daily web tasks from chatting, sending emails to stay connected with friends, family members and office colleagues on social networking platforms through their smart phones such as iPhone, Black Berry, Android and HTC. With apps hum, smart phone developers are coming up with exciting new ideas and applications to enrich user’s experience.

Cloud Computing
Despite all the odds such as privacy and downtime threat, Cloud computing is growing at the rapid pace as it provides opportunity for businesses to keep on moving with internet access from anywhere around the world at any time. It would continue to grow as more and more businesses are going global.

These are the Solsnet picks for 2011, thank you for reading, you can also drop us a line for free consultation

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