Social media marketing is being favored against traditional marketing methodologies by not only small and mid-sized companies who have limited budget to spend, but big fishes around the globe are just right there. They are very much alive and monetizing this very medium intelligently. So it is basically a wonderful opportunity for every size of pocket, no matter how big or small, one can always mold social media sculpture as per business requirement and pocket size.

But I wonder, when the whole world is familiar with the significance and cost-effectiveness of this medium, how does one become good social media strategist and how one badly scratches his own hairs because of the terrible failure? Here are those two terrible mistakes in social media marketing campaign one can always regret about.

Fellows follow below.

Jumping into pool without planning is a big blooper.

Yes, an idiotic one. When you don’t know where you are heading to, you will end up reaching anywhere but to not your ultimate destiny. No matter how well you are making out in online world, making friends, posting pictures, throwing campaigns and getting buddy-buddy with your fans, flowers and group members, it’s of no use. Trust me.

You need to figure out the tangible goals for your social media marketing campaign. A focal point is a must before starting any campaign. Time frame and outcome you expect should be planned initially.

You like being inconsistent? Loser.

Loser is one word for those who like to conquer the world but change routes often.

Be consistent in your attitude because it will help you building up your image. Your overall personality should thoroughly be regular and there are no two ways about it.

If you do the above terrible mistakes, your ship is skinning. Ouuch. Think Now.

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