Life is simply amazing, everyday we come across different people that have different styles of living, different school of thoughts and with some amazing success stories. Socializing with professionals is what I do which is how I met Judy Whale, the owner of All About You Video Productions at a BNI Trade Show. I felt strong vibes of positivity around me when I met her and I instantly added her to my facebook network to stay in touch and learn more about her.

Her business is mainly  about restoring precious treasures like old silent 8mm film, VHS tapes, 8mm tapes, old photos, etc. Basically in 1920s the idea of film was totally different, they used to have silent films for entertainment, no dialogues, no music and no colors.

Judy is a woman of the new  era, confident, intelligent and always on her toes to take initiatives. So many fascinating things about her forced me to meet her in person. And when she invited me to her studio where all the films and photos are  processed, I instantly said yes. The other day i arrived her studio 5 minutes earlier than the given time because i  was so excited about the whole thing. I was entertained by coffee and  donuts, during the chit chat session I asked Judy if this was what she had dreamed of doing when she was young? With a smile she said that “Ayesha, I actually never really had a dream of what i wanted to do until about 10 years ago. I was busy earning a living, I have achieved far more than I ever expected. If you had told me 20 years ago that I would be at peace, enjoying my family and running my own business I would not have believed it!” With that she impressed me even more, such a hardworking woman she is.

Judy replied to a couple of my random questions and I learned  that she owes her success to her family as they supported her and encouraged her a lot. She tries to spend more and more time with her family whenever she gets free time from work. But Judy says that she is caught up in her works much that hardly even notices the time when she’s in her studio.

I asked her what she likes to eat after a tiring day at the office and you wont believe it, the answer is frozen jello …. yes, frozen she says 🙂

Judy  highlighted her future plans about her business. She is working on a personalized video for children so that they can watch themselves on tv and interact as they are learning, singing and moving! This video will be available soon. She is a beautiful human being, while talking to her I didnt realize the tikking of clock, I almost forgot that I had to leave for my office and lunch time was over. The meaning of failure for Judy? you can imagine that what possibly she would reply but let me quote here  “A chance to try a different way!”

With an ending note and a promise from Judy that she will share her new project’s details with us I left her studio with the lesson that with strong will power and determination we can even reach the sky!

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