Candid Corner with Smedley Prescod

Different studies and research reports have declared Canada as one of the best places in the world to invest, work, and live. Prescod International was established in 1980 as a full service immigration consultancy in Toronto Canada and has helped thousands of people with their Canadian immigration matters.

Smedley Prescod, President of Prescod International has over 50 years of combine expertise in immigration matters. When I met him, the first thing that struck my mind for him was composed personality with shining eyes and a smiling face. It was a pleasant beginning for a candid meet, so I started to chat with him. First I tried to knock his childhood doors and asked if he had any vision for life back in his youth or any aim to achieve something. He smilingly answered “I wanted to earn a  successful business by being a hi-profiled business owner.” With this answer I calculated he must have been a visionary person in his teens and after his teen age, and that’s what is expected from an entrepreneur.

I moved on to further conversation and found out about any interesting and unforgettable thing he has ever done and surprisingly he replied he is still on that but yes one of the interesting things he has learned is how to swim. Amazed by his answer I told him how much I am enjoying the discovering discussion with him. I was sure about his hectic routine but there were some hidden aspects that I wanted to explore. I asked what he does when he is not working “I play Dominoes,” Smedley answered. During our session we talked about some extraordinary powers humans can prefer to have and he told me about his choice, he would love to have an ability to read people’s mind and the ability to help others. When he casually told me that he does not get angry any more, that moment I pat my own backs (in imagination) to judge him as a composed person at first sight. To overcome his anger, Smedley has opted the way of meditation, very smart. Exploring more about him I got to know that happiness means the whole world to him. It’s a fact indeed! We  always have sorrows on one hand and happiness on other hand, we get what we choose. One of his clients recommended him in such a nice way by saying “Smedley Prescod will fight for his clients. He is focused and results driven. His arguments in the courts are always strong, firm and with excellent reasoning. I was lucky to work with him especially
when I needed assistance.” McMillan

Moving on with the discussion I found out he is a diet conscious person but also loves the food… and here I derived him as a person who loves to eat delicious food but in control. We also asked him if he likes to travel or not, “who doesn’t,” he answered. In the end of our candid conversation, he with contented expressions on his face told me that he is not satisfied with his current position and wants to achieve tenfold of what he currently has from life. I wished him more success in life and thought ‘what an excellent experience to meet with such an inspiring person indeed!’

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