Technology is on the rise to make our lives easier, the internet, social networking websites to keep connected with people from all around the world and cellphones with cameras to capture high definition video to send to our loved ones with just a press of a button but there is another side to it that makes the lives of millions harder to live with, if live at all. Cyber bullying is a crime that involves sending or posting harmful text, images or videos to the internet by text message, e-mail, instant messaging or social networking websites. It is increasingly becoming an issue of great concern especially due to many instances resulting in suicide.

One in five young people has been a victim of cyber-bullying, which experts warn can cause more psychological damage than traditional forms of bullying. Cyber bullying is fairly common with devastating effects such as depression, anxiety, low self esteem and even suicide. Highlighting the consequences of cyber bullying through the example of a 15 year old schoolgirl, Holly Grogan, that committed suicide in 2009 after getting tons of abusive messages on her Facebook page. The reason why cyber bullying triumphs traditional bullying activities is because of its limitless nature, anywhere you go it will follow you, where ever you are connected to technology unlike bullies in school which you are safe from when you get home.

Posting abusive, threatening or defamatory comments online or through technology is not uncommon or unheard of. Examples of people using fake accounts or even hacking other peoples social network accounts and pretending to be them is also classified under cyber bullying. How we use these technologies are in our hands but we need to be aware of the consequences that surround with using them negatively. This is an important issue to address not just because it effects children, young people and women but adults and businesses as well in different shapes and forms. We cannot help those around us suffering from cyber bullying if we don’t educate ourselves on the issue and raise awareness about it.

Written By Shizra Saqib

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