Wine becomes poison if it is not treated well, so does with social media. Although it is considered as an effective promotional tool, which is widely used and implemented but, it has a capacity to ruin your business with your not-so-intelligent mistakes. I would name them horrible mistakes. Yes, millions of companies are utilizing this medium and relying on their social media marketing campaigns which require whole lot of hard work.

Not everybody can mend shoes is a wise fact. So how would you make your company stand out red in the queue of black? Let’s explore together.

Rudeness is not Professionalism

Well, its plain horrible. Period.

Social media is all about having conversation, engaging people in interesting ways and getting them hooked with your objective in casual manner. When you try to be rude to give a ‘Corporate’ gesture, you fail terribly. I am sorry but some truths are better puked than swallowed. Be nice and friendly you’re your clients and potential prospects and give them an airy space to create more opportunities for your business. Try hard to develop healthy relationship and constructive bonding of your bran and your prospects by being friendly and engaging.

Stereotyping is bullshit

We all have different beliefs and views about certain things and we must keep our businesses out of it. You must never reflect your dislikeness and hatred about some particular group. Be always well-balanced and show some intelligent approach. If you are vocal about something to the extent it under influences you, you will lose your charm. Do not hold this gesture and also, don’t welcome harsh comments from your fans and clients too. But remember, being harsh is never a wise way neither in social media nor in real world.

If you do it smartly, you get the cup. Trust me. : )

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