Distributed denial of-service (DDoS) attacks have rapidly become a global threat to doing business online. Don’t get stuck on the road to success, let the traffic run on your terms with Blockdos.

BlockDos is the leading Canadian DDoS Mitigation Service provider with support centers in USA , Romania , Pakistan & India. Blockdos has over 10 years of experience in fighting DDOS attacks and more than 10 mitigation centers
around the globe. With a presence in every continent, we have the ability to filter DDoS attacks within few minutes.

Blockdos clients portfolio, from Middle East, includes financial institutes, insurance companies, government and private organizations, airlines and more. Globally BlockDos is Providing services to Fortune 500 companies. We vitalize the success of our clients by providing them uninterrupted, secured processes and 24/7/365 technical support. For more details visit www.ddos.net

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