Google has made a giant change and updated its mobile search algorithm. It has started to implement from April 21, 2015 but would take a few days to roll out completely and globally.  People are calling this algorithm change as ‘Mobilegeddon’. If your website traffic falls down in coming days then you can blame it to “Mobilegeddon”.
This mobile-focused algorithm will basically impact mobile searches but desktop search ranking will not be changed.  It can alter the sequence in which websites are ranked when users search for something from their smartphones.
Let’s talk about a very common misconception here. If your website opens on different mobile devices it mean your site is a mobile-friendly site. No! Quite a shock? Yes, it is! Google has rolled out criteria on which it will favor mobile-friendly websites. Some of the criteria are: large text, easy to click links, and the capability to resize to fit different screen sizes etc. If your mobile website is truly up to the mark and meet all the criteria, then your business will rank higher in searches. Websites that aren’t or so called mobile-friendly will move down in searches.
Google has always been vocal about the importance of relevant, original and useful content and for the very reason content has gained value and became king of the game. However, this time Google talks about user experience. According to Google it’s not enough to have all the right content if people come to your site and can’t read it. Almost 60% of website traffic now comes through mobile searches and Google don’t want people to get deprived of having a good user experience whenever they login to a mobile site.

There are a lot of small and a bunch of big brands as well that are going to be affected by Mobilegeddon, so it’s better to become mobile-friendly as soon as possible.

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