Websites that are hosted on the web are either hosted on a shared server or dedicated server. Servers dedicated or shared are both choices of preference on what the client prefers and what a client needs.

A question in the mind may arise regarding the difference between a shared server and a dedicated server?

Answer to this question is that a shared web server has loads of websites loaded on it; it limits the access of its clients and has limited bandwidth and disk space because it is shared by hundreds of other websites that are hosted on the same server.

On the contrary a dedicated server is dedicated solely for hosting your website(s). Having a dedicated server allows you to exercise complete authority, administer changes within your server unlike a shared server. A dedicated server can either be unmanaged or managed. Adding to its benefits, a dedicated server can also be remotely managed.

Fully managed web hosting services are offered by a number of companies but while choosing a webhosting services provider you must bear in mind that the service provider has a proven track record, stable network and reliable operations. Reviews that you can find from sites similar to indexsy can help you to choose the best host for your website.

Why buy a dedicated server?

  • If you think that traffic on your web has increased.
  • Your website is taking too long to load.
  • For a smooth web traffic flow.
  • Increased bandwidth and speed.
  • No concurrent other websites running on your server.
  • Access to administer changes or modify.
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