Can you remember things before the internet came into our lives? It seems like so many decades since we first opened internet to search anything for the very first time. Close your eyes and think for a moment, you would empathize with the feeling.

Life was way simpler than this before. There were limited communication and information channels. You just had to turn on the radio or television to be in the know of what’s happening worldwide. At the longest you used to read newspaper or magazines to get in touch with the outer world.

But then you stepped in the whole wide web world, where you have never ending possibilities and options such as emails, text messages, voice messages, smart phones, social media and the list goes on… and as we are approaching 2016, the options for communication, information and content consumption seem to be growing every day. We have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Google+, Whatsapp, Blogs, SMS, Emails, Television, Radio, Newspaper, Vimeo etc (they are just what we can list off the top of the head). Isn’t it information overload? Yes, it is and can cause real problem.  So what needs to be done to reduce the noise and clutter and reach to the information that matters? There are few ways by which you can stay ahead of the rest of the world.

Determine What Matters to You
You need to filter out the things you don’t want to know. You need to decide the areas where you need to stay ahead. It could be any product, field, competitor, customers, any topics etc. In a nut shell clear the noise and reach to the point that matters to you!

Tuning the Frequency
Decide the frequency of information. You can be happy of being informed about anything through a daily update or you may want a realtime newsfeed running on your gadgets. Choice is all yours and depends upon the need that how quick you want to access the information.

Don’t Just Look at the Tip of the Iceberg
While we all love and rely upon social media, don’t forget about the traditional mediums. Never underestimate them. To understand the overall conversation and information, keep in touch with as many sources and channels as possible. The more you know the more benefit you get.

Pick & Choose
Media, person, blog or whatever, you’ve got so many choices.  Pick and choose the medium that influences your company or work the most. Once you have decided the influencers then you only need to follow them religiously.

Stay Aware
Sometimes knowing the news or information even after an hour becomes too late. Try to be as quick as possible. Be the first to talk about things (that your influencers tell you about) that matters to you and your customers. If not now then never!

To stay ahead of the world it is necessary to stay ahead of what everyone else thinks. So what are you thinking today? 

By: Unosha Shahid
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