Today it’s possible to broadcast just anything over the internet, Media Streaming provides you with the ability to take videos or any other media content from just anywhere and broadcast it live. The process of media streaming involves a camera for the video, an encoder to digitalize the content, a video publisher where the streams are pushed and a Content delivery Network to distribute and deliver the content.

With the advent of media streaming growing, a new term ‘web cast’ has been revealed, which means broadcasting via the web where people can transfer information in the form of live recordings or they can also transfer the already recorded media content.

Media streaming itself is supported by several media server applications. A client may opt for any media application to playback, transfer and process the material. It has also provided businesses with such an ease in aspects of information sharing via the internet.

Security remains one of the major challenges with the introduction of this new tool. But since Digital rights management – DRM apply on privately owned media, limitations are imposed on its usage by hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders and individuals.

A successful broadcast requires careful planning and testing so that it could be easily viewed by audience on the internet. We have expertise and know how and can help you with encoding and integration processes so that your targeted audience gets best possible streaming media experience.

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