An organization, business or a commercial entity is defined by the culture it nurtures within its internal milieu. In today’s day and age tagging along with the current business strategy fads demands you not only keep a vigilant eye on the happenings in the corporate world but also practice those practices at workplace.

Being digital is not just how well versed you are in tweeting about something or how quickly you respond and interact on social media. It’s more than that.

Here we outline a few fundamental things that must be considered by businesses in order to not only understand what digital culture inculcates but also successfully implement it within their organization.

Customer is not only always right but now they’re also digital savvy
Keeping up with the pace of how swiftly customers and consumers are embracing the change that has been brought about thanks to the digital revolution is vital for businesses and organizations. Businesses not only need to better understand the changing needs of their customers but they also have to come up with better and improved ways to satisfy their emerging needs and supply according to their new era demands. It is vital that you understand the mechanics of the digital universe in order to be its productive dweller.

Information is the key to open doors behind walled hierarchies
Basic rule of communication and information flow; the less hindrance the more quickly information flows. In order to cultivate a digital culture within, one must scale down on the fabrication of hierarchies within the organization. The less people information needs to pass through the less chances for it to get contaminated and get to the right person not only faster but in a much naturalized manner. Clear communication + less hierarchy = A better digital culture.

People, decision, action!
Digital culture demands ‘fast’ and ‘an action oriented approach’. In simpler terms, don’t get stuck in long decision making processes, not sure whether to execute or pull out, go ahead with confidence and meet the challenge head on. Include employees in the process not seclude them. Now that’s digital, more tangible rather than merely ‘trying’ interacting in void space.

Existing is traditional, ‘existing with a purpose’ is digital
Do you merely exist to supply to the demands of your customers’ needs or you actually have a purpose of your business’ existence? Ask yourself this question for your own business and when you find the answer, implement that vision within your business philosophy and align your employees with your newly found thought. The results will result in you finding a new digital avatar of your long ‘existing’ business which will transform into a digitally aligned entity after you embrace this concept fully well.

 By: Unosha Shahid
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