When Research In Motion released the Blackberry, business executives showed they could not live without it. It was fresh and allowed the business-minded managers to carry many of their office communications with it.The reaction was immediate and earned customer approval.
The same cannot be said for RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook. That kind of excitement is reserved for the Apple iPad 2 which sold out at many venues and continues to make prospective buyers wait as long as four weeks.

The industry has made its decision. In the tablet sector, entering the market second is proving to be second best in the eyes of the consumer. The reviews are favorable for the PlayBook but sales of the iPad 2 are expected to pad the 80% market share (according to Business Insider) secured by the original iPad. The only reasons that the Apple product could slip would be if the competition ships (where the industry records its market share numbers) faster and if consumers become too impatient with the lack of iPad2 supplies.

Those who are buying the Playbook are finding the product competitive but we find both products have a hard time loading some web pages cleanly. That is the fault of the website builders who do not make their products compatible with today’s tablets.

The age of the tablet is just beginning and business owners want to know where they should turn with their site’s web design, maintenance and development to accommodate this new wave. That is where SolsNet can guide you. We have the expertise to load your sites quickly, rank them competitively and support them with online marketing.
We provide answers.

Written by: Joseph Poirier

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