There is a growing number of organizations doing business online, and when one of their computers connect with other computers on the network and start communicating, it takes a risk on the confidentiality of personal and private business data.

The risk comes from various areas including websites that can exploit or resell their company’s private information and other critical business data to third party; that’s why many businesses try their best to keep their private business data and other critical information like credit card numbers, working documents, passwords etc. safe from cyber vandals.

That’s where Secure Layer hosting comes in. Secure layer hosting protects your private business data and other critical information. It provides encryption to protect details across the internet and associated web space to store secure html pages.
It is mostly used where sensitive information such as credit card numbers is transferred from a browser to a server. It is commonly used in e-commerce websites where both sides have a certificate which allows messages to be encrypted and decoded only by the sending and receiving parties.

There are two main types of SSL connections, 40-bit and 128-bit, referring to the length of the session key generated by every encrypted transaction. The longer the key, the more difficult to break the encryption code, hence banks require 128-bit encryption code for their online operations.

Securing a site with SSL requires a subscription to one of our accounts. To request a certificate, call us at our toll free number 1-866-647-1644 or email us. Our representative will work with you promptly to help you with your hosting requirement.

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