We here at Solsnet are starting another new section called spotlight. in this section we shall be introducing our clients or partners. So we had to start with the best.


Rhino Skin Studio – Creator of 3D rendering and Animation

Rhino Skin Studio specializes in Architectural visualization, Animation, Conceptual and Design presentation. Interior and Exterior Illustrations. their mission is Immortality of their work, their company and most importantly the quality of work they produce for their clients. There history began as a simple 3D Rendering of an interior space for a Multiple condominium project has developed into a Production Studio that deals with concept art, Matte painting ready for motion picture integration, VFX for movie,s Walk-through animations and Green Screen Production and integration. Wow Factor insert.

Punnen Thomas, Owner of  Rhino Skin Studio, has worked with Solsnet on a number of projects and had this to share:

[blockquote author_name=”Punnen Thomas” width=”98%” float=”right”]Solsnet is a very dedicated team that shows you they care right at the onset. I have had a great time with Leelas and AJ and they were very forthcoming . They communicate very efficiently and the speed of their replies and communicate shows their work ethic. I look forward to work more with them in the future. AJ was very kind to spend time and share tips and info that has enhanced my approach and thoughts with regard to effective marketing via the web (Google plus).[/blockquote]

Contact Info
Phone: (647) 608-2921
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.rhinoskinstudios.com/

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