Should we be making too much of tablet sales or are manufacturers on the leading edge of a social and media revolution?
Consider tablets: the products are portable, easily accessible, diverse and even come with security procedures that rival many of the futuristic movies just released.

Today’s manufacturers can see the future and address any of our present concerns while the next wave of tablets and pads are being made.

Now there is something to contemplate. Will the tablet take over as the preferred device over the home computer just as the mobile phones make us question the existence of today’s land lines? Why not take it a step further? Why not take down your home mailbox since you will be welcoming certain “junk mail” and “e-coupons” that you requested, and the “e-bills” you approved just as you accept your regular social media correspondence and business communications.

As the world changes, there will be no need to print these documents because kiosks and tellers will be taking the information from your device and submitting receipts instantly and your new entertainment co-ordinator (or ticket broker) will be able to access you anywhere with a cheerful message (in video or a preferred hidden cryptic message) that says: “Will that be debt card, credit card or do you want to use your frequent bonus points? Come this way, your table is ready and your favorite movie theatre still has room for the 1 a.m. showing of the latest film.”

Sound too futuristic?

Here at SolsNet we see where the computer and communications industries are heading. Wouldn’t you rather lead the pack than run with it?

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Written by: Joseph Poirier

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