There are many big-size organizations that are always ready to accept the changes digital marketing offers them time and again. Social media is one of the noticeable mediums offered to businesses to promote their brand and strengthen their relationship with their customers. Almost all big companies have their existence over different social media platforms because they have the resources to manage it easily. But when it comes down to start-ups or sole entrepreneurs, there are two schools of thought regarding social media marketing. One believes; it’s ‘the next big thing’ while to others, it’s just a buzzword with no advantages as such.

Being a digital marketing firm we know the story inside out. We usually meet people who are still stay indifferent about social media. We don’t advocate it just because we belong to the same league but we actually believe in it. Social media is not a magic wand that you wave and your revenue is doubled. It’s an ongoing effort that results in increasing interaction, creates word of mouth and increases traffic to your website. Isn’t it your aim to attract customers to your product/service? Isn’t it what bigger brands do through advertisement and spend heck of money on? In short, it increases your sales ultimately!
  • We would like to list down some improvements social media can bring to your start up..
  •  It increases brand recognition and recall
  • It earns free brand advocates for you
  • It brings transparency that leads to customer loyalty
  • You get more opportunities to find your potential customers
  • Since social media involves humanization element, it results in high conversion rates
  • It helps in Search Engine Optimization
  • You gain a lot of benefit and it’s way cheaper than other traditional marketing mediums
  • You get a medium to show off your customer service level, it enriches customer relationship with your brand
  • You get a chance to know about your customers’ behavior
  •  Last but not the least; you don’t have anything to lose if you start managing social media  platforms. They consume less time and money compared to other mediums

The more you wait the more you lose! To play our part, SOLSNET brings two training sessions for the entrepreneurs who are extremely busy building their businesses, those who want an existence over social media but don’t want to outsource their social media accounts and don’t have time to manage their accounts effectively.
We are working with different organizations to bring these workshops to you. SOLSNET has two workshops lined up. One is “Managing Social Media for Busy entrepreneurs” for WE CAN Network. And the other is “Get the most out of your social media tools” in the partnership with Boomerpreneur.

Our training sessions would involve some amazing tips and methods to bring the control of your social media accounts completely back in your own hands without spending much time on it. If you think you should attend this training session then register yourself now by visiting this link: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/wcn-social-media-workshop-series-ii-managing-social-media-for-the-busy-entrepreneur-tickets-13550884059
Written by: Unosha Shahid
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