While your retargeting ads may face a new hurdle, a new marketing avenue is opening up in the shape of Voice Search. Also, Youtube is becoming more accessible to people around the world, but in North America, less people are logging on to Facebook.

Pummeling users with Google remarketing ads they don’t want to see? Now they can mute those, too

    Google announced more ways for users to control the Google-served ads they see. The changes will have implications for advertisers, particularly those who are running remarketing campaigns. read more

    Facebook’s Q4 ad revenue swells despite decreases in time spent and North American daily audience

    The cracks are starting to show in Facebook’s business, but the company appears to be trying to fill them before they grow wider and significantly impact the bottom line. read more

    Use of Voice Search in Public On the Rise, According to 2018 Study

    The “voice revolution” is coming, says Stone Temple, and marketers will need to quickly learn how to connect with users through strictly voice-only channels. read more

    Bringing the power of YouTube to more countries with YouTube Go

    YouTube Go is expanding to over 130 countries around the globe. YouTube Go gives access to YouTube regardless of connectivity status and more control over data usage, while being locally and socially relevant. read more

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